Mens fashion how to get the perfect fit for a suits

A Perfect Fit For Your Suit

Knowing how to pick the perfect fit for your suit is definitely a "must-know" for all guys out there. When trying out a suit, it is[...]

Red and pink with black hat outfit combination fashion for women

Out There Looking Like A Hot Mess

Once upon a time, a red and pink combination was called a "mess" or a "fashion don't". But now, it's a "hot mess".   Now when I[...]

color blocking history and rules of color blocking

Color blocking; Types and Rules of Color blocking

Color blocking is an idea of combining two or more bold colors in an outfit to create complimenting and interesting color combinations. This idea began in[...]

The Becoming of the Unapologetic Man; Wardrobe Essentials

The journey of becoming an Unapologetic man comes with a couple of wardrobe essentials.  The key to being Unapologetic about your fashion is not entirely about[...]

One for the hot days.

As promised, I styled my straw hat and this look is indeed one for the hot days. Dressing for the sunny days can be easily pulled[...]