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The break is finally over, and I’m sorry it took too long but, The unapologetic is back and promises new and better additions.

Today’s post was inspired by my obsession for dark colors (apparently I’m not over it completely), and also in the celebration of the black Friday (which apparently is now black week). The idea was to create an image of what a casual Monday look could look like, especially in all black.

I spent 5 years in medical school of which the last 3 years was restrictive in terms of dressing. A strict formal dressing was expected and this was bound to get boring, but I believe I found a way to make it a bit interesting and my secret involved infusing casual clothe pieces into my outfit to create a semi-formal look.

Creating this kind of look is actually quite easy to achieve but the trick is, avoid dressing too casual because then it becomes a casual Friday look. The 2 things of importance in creating this look includes:

  1. Getting the right apparels – The casual apparels to infuse with a formal look should be fun but not trashy, it should also be comfortable and chic. Don’t shy from denim, they can look just right. Avoid using casual shoes like sneakers because that would make the outfit too casual.
  2. Confidence – Dressing with confidence involves feeling good and comfortable in what you’re wearing. This factor is needed in almost every outfit choice, because it creates an understanding of self-worth and charisma.

In this look, my casual piece was a black lace top with fringe, and this was worn with a black midi skirt that was tight fitted. A pair of black stilettoes, black clutch bag and black Rayban sunglasses completed the look.

Sunglasses: Roommate’s wardrobe

Necklace: Thrift store

Lace top: Thrift store

Skirt: @Theplatinumplace

Heels: @Theplatinumplace

Bag: @Ife_ajani

A Monday look is usually one of formality but we could add a bit of “casual” to it, so while prepping for work tomorrow why don’t you try this?

Let’s start an uprising. Cheers to casual Mondays.

Have a great week ahead.

What I am wearing

Top: Thrift store

Skirt: @theplatinumplace

Shoes: @theplatinumplace

Bag: @ife_ajani

Glasses: Thrift store

Necklace: Thrift store


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