Would you say you are Unapologetic about your fashion? That’s the question we should be able to answer after reading this post.


The dictionary explains unapologetic as an adjective defining an act of unwillingness to make or express an apology, but we are looking at the word as an adverb that describes a person who does not apologize for their style.

A person unaffected by the prosecuting remarks of others regarding their sense of fashion.

An Unapologetic is someone who brings diversity into our everyday rituals of fashion and style.

A person who is not scared of mixing those two very different patterns to create a magnificent look, or rocking those mom jeans with class.

Confidence is not a problem, because certainty, class and comfort is achieved in whatever look is portrayed, and there is also no problem with switching things up which could either be from a formal look to that sexy club look.

An example of an “Unapologetic” is the charismatic Rihanna. She rocks every look she portrays effortlessly and she does not fail to push the limits of fashion and style (I believe some credit goes to her stylist).


The Unapologetic Quiz

Answer the following questions to find out if you can call yourself an unapologetic. 

  1. Do you like fashion? 
  2. Do you care about what your idea of fashion looks like or you just wear whatever you lay your hands on? 
  3. Are you daring with fashion or are you stuck in your comfort zone?
  4. Lastly, do you let your friend’s definition of fashion determine yours? 

When you answer these questions, I am sure you’d know the answers that make you an Unapologetic. 

I am an “Unapologetic”. Are you?

Hey, if you are not, it’s not too late to become one, because we all have to start from somewhere.

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Have a lovely week ahead.

The Unapologetic.

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