As we all know, Last year I started a section to show and discuss a fashion item I obtain for that month. Today, we are discussing my March’s snag.

This month I got my hands on an awesome pair of flats from an online store called

Things that attracted me to this particular shoes.

The first thing was the flower prints. I’ve always been one to go for plain flat shoes, because while I was in school, I always had to get shoes that could match literally almost everything.

So when I saw this pair, I knew it was time to break out of that shell. Also because I’m done with school and can’t be told how to dress; atleast until I start my internship.

The second was it’s functionality. Flats have always been know for their comfort and functionality. You can hardly ever go wrong with a pair of flats; and it’s the ideal formal footwear when heels are not feasible.

I really love this pair of shoes, even though it was not in the list of things to get this year.

I can’t wait to start rocking it as I already have a couple of ideas on how to style it; A few of which I’m sure to blog about.

Hope you like the shoes as much as I do; and if you want to snag a pair, just click here.

Tell me something you’ve added to your wardrobe this month, or what you plan to add.

Have a splendid week ahead and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.


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