Hi guys,
So this is my first post ever as a blogger. My name is Akintomide Jumoke. I’m almost done with school as a Physiotherapist, so I can’t really call myself a student 😝. Anyways, I’ve always had this thing for fashion and I thought it would be fashion designing, until it occurred to me that I loved creating a look rather than the clothes. Guess what? That’s fashion styling. I’m not going to lie and say I’m very great at it, but I want to share my sense of style with you guys.

So this was the look I rocked to my YBC (Year book class) symposium. It was a little formal event and I decided to be a bit rebellious from the norm. I wanted to look formal but with a hint of chic, (don’t mind me). A class mate actually saw the outfit and was like “Only Jumoke would think of wearing a bow-tie on an off-shoulder shirt” 😈. 
My style has been called classy, sexy, crazy, and sometimes dark, and now I’m ready to share every version with you guys.
I hope you like what you see.
Cheers to my Unapologetic beginning.

What I am Wearing

Bow-tie: Jumiafashion
Off-shoulder shirt: @flowcouture
Trousers: @flowcouture
The Unapologetic 😎.

16 thoughts on “The Unapologetic beginning”

  1. The Queen is here! Finally, she unleashed her passion for the world to see. I now have some fashion cues on how to dress to events. ����

  2. Too gorgeous! The photo is awesome and you just look so fierce. The bow tie is honestly an adorable addition! Love your style already


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