As promised, I styled my straw hat and this look is indeed one for the hot days.

Dressing for the sunny days can be easily pulled off, as it requires lightweight clothing. This season is when we get to see lots of crops tops, tank tops, sheer outfits and of course different kinds of sunglasses.

A couple of tricks to follow during this season include:

  1. Avoid complete black outfits: as we should know, black conducts heat making the weather quite unbearable.
  2. Stick to lightweight clothing: sweatshirts, blazers and the rest alike should be thrown to the back of your wardrobe.
  3. Show the right amount of skin: there’s a difference between wearing lightweight clothing and dressing slutty for the sake of the weather. Find your threshold and stick with it.
  4. Always have your sunglasses in your everyday bag: just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you don’t have to slay.

Now, the thing about the hot days we get during this current weather is that, it could be pretty hot in the morning but start raining cats and dogs on your way out; so avoid leaving home without a cardigan or jacket.

But don’t fret, the hot days are coming, so let’s get ready to start trying out the tricks mentioned above.

What I am wearing

Straw hat: @s_arenastyles

Jeans dress: Thrift store

Maxi skirt: @zeepfashion_official

Don’t forget to drop a comment and tell me which of the above mention tricks you already have down.

Have a wonderful week ahead my lovelies.

The Unapologetic.



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