The Becoming of the Unapologetic Man; Wardrobe Essentials

The journey of becoming an Unapologetic man comes with a couple of wardrobe essentials.  The key to being Unapologetic about your fashion is not entirely about[...]

One for the hot days.

As promised, I styled my straw hat and this look is indeed one for the hot days. Dressing for the sunny days can be easily pulled[...]

My July’s Snag; A case of the summer blues.

A new month, a new snag. I got a case of the summer blues, so I got a straw hat. Now I got this hat from[...]

Pretty in Pastels!!!

Pastels are very delicate colors, and have a way of bringing out the innocence of a person. They are basically tints of hues; ie a[...]

My April’s snag; A case of the red fever

The month is practically over, but I decided to drop a post on my april's snag just before it ends. I snagged this red sunglasses from[...]