My December’s snag; A case of the Round Retro

I hope your past week was not as stressful as mine. This is a new section of the blog called The monthly snag, where a[...]

A Black casual Monday

Hey guys, The break is finally over, and I’m sorry it took too long but, The unapologetic is back and promises new and better additions. Today’s post[...]

Who is the girl in the floral dress?

A floral dress is an epitome of cuteness, it brings out the feminine side in any girl. Due to how chic it is, it is[...]

When ankaras merge, they become Unapologetic

This week, we looking at ankara and how it looks when brought together. Ankara is a common clothing material in Africa and it is beautified[...]

Are you Unapologetic about your fashion?

Would you say you are Unapologetic about your fashion? That's the question we should be able to answer after reading this post. Definition The dictionary explains unapologetic[...]