Pastels are very delicate colors, and have a way of bringing out the innocence of a person. They are basically tints of hues; ie a combination of white to a hue.

The colors range from pale pink, milk caramel, guava, baby blue, velvety peach, powdery mint, banana, lavender and some more.

I’m sure these colors look feminine to the guys out there, but they can be quite fashionable and masculine when styled appropriately.

How to rock pastels as an Unapologetic

After much research, I found a couple of ways to style your pastels.

  1. As a Minimalist

    Sticking to colors like black, white or other neutral tones gives a clean and minimalist look. Do not shy away from mixing pastel colors with neutral ones, like beige, coffee, gray. It helps with balancing the girly nature of pastels.

  2. Pastel color blocking

    All pastel colors look amazing with each other and mixing two or more can turn out really fashionable. You can confidently combine pastel pink with pale lemon, blue with mint green, creamy orange with purple and many more combinations.

  3. With Prints

    As usual you can incorporate prints like leopard skins, polka dots, stripes and other patterns into your pastel outfits. For the bold, intriguing or even romantic look, this is definitely the combination you want to go for.

I am sure some of us already had these colors in our wardrobe but did not exactly know there was a term for it, well now you do. Please let me know which of these styles you’ll be rocking with your pastels, down in the comment section.

For those who are yet to have these colors, it’s a must have because of the delicacy and innocence it brings to our looks; and who does not want to look innocent sometimes.

Happy new month.

The Unapologetic.


12 thoughts on “Pretty in Pastels!!!”

  1. Great writeup… Love pastel… Men are starting to experiment with pastels. For starters, one can do just a one piece then gradually transcend into layering different colors. I would totally wear pastels anytime. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I totally have a couple of “pastels” 😁,as I hate outrightly bright colors. I always go with black, so i’d rock it as a minimalist, the black top & skirt.

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