The journey of becoming an Unapologetic man comes with a couple of wardrobe essentials. 

The key to being Unapologetic about your fashion is not entirely about having a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, but having the right pieces and being able to utilize them to their full potential.

Scroll below and check out a couple of these essentials.

A White shirt

A well-ironed white shirt has its way of making you dapper regardless of the occasion. Be it styled with a pair of jeans for that hot casual look or styled with a pair of pants and a tie to get that formal look. 


A white shirt is as important to a man’s wardrobe as the color black is to fashion.

A Pair of Jeans

This is pretty essential for a casual look which can be styled with a polo or a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers, or you could go semi-formal with it and style it with a shirt and a pair of oxford shoes.

You could also prefer to go for ripped jeans but avoid going overboard with the ripping part so as not to look trashy.

A Suit

There will definitely be a time in your life when you need one.

So it is  better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Oxford shoes

These have been known to be the ideal formal shoes but can be used when going smart-casual.

A pair of Sneakers

A classy casual footwear which is usually worth the investment. A black or white pair is advised for an initial purchase of sneakers.


A Jacket

This is a bit extra but I find it to be quite necessary to your wardrobe. A simple jeans and tee can be made flamboyant with a jacket. It could either be a leather jacket or a jeans jacket or even a varsity jacket.

A Timeless Watch

This is actually the most important piece of accessory for a guy.

Asides from it being useful for keeping track of the time, it also emphasizes your level of style.

It is advisable to go big with this, either chained or strapped in subtle colors.


I hope you picked up a thing or two from this post.

Have a splendid week ahead.


The Unapologetic.

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  1. Quite a detailed information on guys.. U just might end up styling my wardrobe when I blow.. Unno 😎😎😎
    Good write-up B

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