It’s been a rollercoaster this past two weeks, but it definitely can’t put a damp on my Christmas celebrations.

This holiday has always been my favorite one of the year, from the colors, to the food, to seeing people you didn’t see that whole year and ofcourse the gifts.

Today’s post is something special with the splash of red. Four different outfits for Christmas from four unapologetic girls; what else could you ask for.

We took to the streets of Lagos in our heels and skirts and it was exciting for me because this was my first time collaborating with either of them.

The first to the right is @mz_tosy. She came styled with her green skirt and our white minimalist tee.

Next to her is @nonye.speaks. She came prepared as she switched up her look three different times.

Beside, is @uzzymami, the eccentric of the four.

And lastly, The Unapologetic.

For the sake of the holidays, I’ll put up more pictures so we can really appreciate the post.

Enjoy and don’t forget to drop your feedback in the comment section.

The Unapologetic.


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