We all know there is a difference between the dress sense of a “boy” and a “man”, but did you know there’s also a difference between the dress sense of a “man” and an “Unapologetic man”?

This kind of man doesn’t necessarily have to be the richest man who can afford expensive fashion pieces. He just has to know how to use whatever he has or can afford to create unique looks.

A few features such as the following should be present in an Unapologetic man.


For a man to rock his few pieces to create different looks, he’d have to be able to maintain the neatness of these pieces; cause we can’t having him forming fashionista with dirty clothes.


Originality is ever important. He should never try to be who he isn’t, because when he does, comfort and confidence is lost.


When originality is present, he should then be able to creatively create styles that he’d be comfortable in and have the confidence to wear with ease.

These few attributes and some more are what differentiate a man from an Unapologetic man.

So this is me challenging the guys reading this, Are you an Unapologetic Man?

If you aren’t sure you are one, follow this blog and explore yourself.

Have a great week ahead.

The Unapologetic.






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