Hi guys,
Hope you enjoyed the holidays and I’m sure some of us ate plenty meat.

This post is about the Bibie clothing line which was designed by my best friend and styled by both of us; Mostly me. The clothing line comprises of pieces that can be easily worn in different occasions and the use of extravagant accessories was avoided in order to highlight the different pieces. 


The first piece is called the JUMMY butterfly shift dress (yes, it was named after me 😎). This is a beautiful yellow off-shoulder dress that would pop even in the darkest of nights. The beauty of this dress is the natural bohemian look it portrays (which was how it was styled), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be rocked to our “owambe” parties.



The second is the ZARA shift dress, which is a comfortable long sleeve striped dress. It was styled for two different looks. The first was with a pair sneakers, creating a casual look for the right hangouts with friends (this was actually my favorite because I’m a “sneakers” girl 😎), while the second look was with a pair of heels, which can be rocked for any formal occasion or even dinner parties.



The third piece is the NINA space dress, which is a pretty purple off-shoulder dress. This was paired with sneakers to create a “good girl gone bad” look.


The fourth is the SOPHIE fringe dress, which is an adorable sexy dress which was rocked with a pair of heels. I, personally, believe this dress is perfect for a number of things, especially dancing salsa.


Finally, the last piece is called the DARA fur skirt, which is a black furry high waist skirt. It was styled with a lace white crop top and can be rocked to dinner parties or even the club.



I hope you enjoyed this post and would be getting one or even all of the pieces from the Bibie clothing line. Feel free to drop your comments and let me know which of the pieces is your favorite.

Have a great week ahead and don’t stop slaying.

The Unapologetic.



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