Waist beads also known as “ileke idi” have been in the African tradition since the 15th century. It is utilized for a number of reasons such as a sign of maturity, shaping of the body or sexual appeal; of which the latter has been a main reason for utilization in this 21st century.

Although, I have never been one to indulge in the use of the waist bead, I sometimes admire it from afar.

My fascination with the beads actually peaked when a former roommate decided to get one to help her restrict over eating; even though she always lifted it up to allow her eat more.

Then I got the idea of styling it as more than just a waist bead. I decided to style a silver waist bead with a black turtle neck top, black high waist jeans, a pair of black wedged sneakers, white sunglasses and a black backpack.

I had my doubts about styling the waist bead on the jeans, but I believe it turned out really great. It gives off a stylishly alluring look.


What I am wearing

White sunglasses – Haute signatures

Turtle neck bodysuit – Thrift store

Jeans – Thrift store

Waist bead – Street vendor

Backpack – Thrift store

Wedged sneakers – Jumia (Although I doubt this would still be available, as I’ve had it for a long time)

Waist beads on jeans is a trend just waiting to happen, because it oozes “sexy” and it adds a touch of sparkle to a plain pair of jeans.

So which of you Unapologetics is ready to try this?

The Unapologetic.




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