A floral dress is an epitome of cuteness, it brings out the feminine side in any girl. Due to how chic it is, it is usually worn to the beach or for casual outings.  

This week, I decided to try styling my floral dress as a formal look and it turned out pretty great. I matched the dress with black blazers, black tights and a pair of black heels. I chose the “all black” to highlight the color in the dress. The look was completed with a pair of silver statement earrings which added a contrast color to the dress. This shows that our floral dresses are not just for those beach outings but can be styled to work.
Where have you rocked your floral dress to and where else do you think you can rock it to?
Enjoy the post and have a great week ahead!

What I am wearing

Dress: Made by @zeepeefashion

Black blazer: Thrift store

Pantyhose: @Onipata

Shoes: Thrift store

The Unapologetic.

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